Believe. Achieve. Receive.

In  this program Chris Green uses mental and emotional programming, to help people tap into unconscious thoughts so they can manipulate actions (words we speak, body language, movement, neuro associations).

In this program you will understand the art of energy and how to use it to help encourage and motivate yourself to reach the desires of your heart. Through experiences and studying, Chris now provides different proven systems to help break though any glass ceiling.

He understands how to link pleasure and pain to what we need to and how to deactivate certain connections to put individuals in position to receive their RESULTS.

Audience members will understand how to receive the desires of their heart. After practicing routines conditionally that don’t give them happiness, they learn what and how to reach the happiness they deserve.

** Program is great for Health & Wellness Clinics, Corporations, Colleges, High School Assemblies, Church Events, Athletic Programs **